Landscaping Near Me

Do you have a new project you need to complete? We are happy to hear that! Your garden or landscape can add tremendous value to your property. Not only does a healthy well maintain yard look amazing but there is so many other benefits as well. Adding a water feature can help birds and other animals get some water that might not be available in the dry seasons. Planting trees can add privacy to your home or bring some shade to your outdoor living space on a hot summer day.

We are your one stop shop for everything your landscape or garden needs. From the initial planning and designing of you garden or landscape. We carry only the best premium organic mulches in your favourite colours. We can design and build to suit your landscaping needs. We also have a variety of other landscaping products including peat moss, screened top soil, grass rolls and aggregates to name a few. If your looking for landscaping near me contact us today to see how we can help. 1-226-458-4337

Maintaining your outdoor living space can sometime be a daunting task. We don't think anyone actually enjoys picking weeds or cleaning up branches but it's absolutely necessary for a rich and beautiful maintained property. If you would prefer to let us experts handle that for you it would be our pleasure. We have always taken great pride in making sure our faithful customers have the most amazing landscaping. Our team of staff will have your neighbours talking about how great your property will look.

Some of our long time customers prefer to maintain there own gardens and that's fine by us too. We know that they are using our premium landscaping products so they will get a great looking yard too. Using the right landscaping products is half the battle in our opinion.