What escorts say - The benefits of sex in the water

In the life of any couple, there will be that moment when the bedroom will become a place where partners go to bed and nothing more. Unfortunately, more and more couples are turning away from sex precisely because the place has become dull. For this reason, many psychologists advise people who have reached a sexual impasse to try new places. In this article, we will present the main advantages and disadvantages of sex in water.

What does it mean to have sex in the water?

Probably many of you have imagined, not just once, such as a sex game in the pool or in the bathtub, most likely with an escort Paris. Even the name of this city makes you think of the pool. Well, there are people who are not ashamed of this and others who think it is as unhygienic as sex during menstruation.

As you may have noticed, water sex can refer to any kind of sexual activation, whether it is stimulation or penetration, with an escort Paris you will never regret, which we perform in an aquatic environment (example: swimming pool, Jacuzzi, bathtub, cabin shower, in the sea or even in a river).

We must mention at the outset that sex in water is diametrically opposed to sex on land, in the sense that some things we do, for example in bed, will seem more difficult to perform in the water. However, with an Escort Paris, it will never be difficult, most of them with experience in the field.

We also feel responsible for reminding you that the law is quite strict about lewd behavior in public spaces. So if your fantasy is to have wild sex with an escort Paris in a public pool or anywhere in the world, you need to be careful and try, as much as possible, to make sure that you are alone

Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of water sex parties.


Cleanliness will be your last concern

The main advantage of having sex in the water, whether it is a shower or a Jacuzzi, is that you will not have to clean anything after it is over. If you are in the bathtub, all you have to do is turn on the shower and soap yourself a little, without resorting to paper towels or handkerchiefs.

Sex in the water is exciting

We have to admit that the prospect of trying your favorite sexual positions in the water sounds ravishing, especially when you think you can do these things in the company of an escort Paris. Maybe the narrow space will limit your freedom of movement a little. However, if you manage to get over these details, then the game promises to be a fiery one, even under cold water.

Sex during menstruation seemed different to you

In another article of ours, we talked a little about what needs to satisfy your partner during the cycle. For reasons of hygiene, many men shy away when it comes to sex during menstruation. If you still want to experiment, then a shower cubicle would be a perfect choice. Let go of the water and let your imagination run wild.

You will have a pleasant memory

Even if the sex party does not live up to your expectations, you will be left with the memory of that day when you did something out of the ordinary and found that the bed is much more comfortable than you expected. Do not feel bad if not everything turned out the way you planned.